Only professionalism can conclude a "good relationship", and the equipment ordered by Vietnamese customers has been shipped!


Recently, the sales department of E-Nanny has been receiving good news. The old Vietnamese customers joined hands with E-Nanny again to purchase a batch of battery testing equipment.




The equipment purchased by the customer this time is E-Nanny's ENS-3002DC battery discharge tester, wide voltage charge and discharge tester, and ENS-1065DC battery charge and discharge integrated machine.


Quality and service are the basis for winning the trust of customers and continuing the cooperation between the two parties. Since E-Nanny established a cooperative relationship with old Vietnamese customers in 2021, it has provided them with multiple batches of battery tester equipment. According to customer feedback, up to now, the E-Nanny battery tester equipment has been used in various projects of the customer with good results, and the project testers have given a high evaluation.


In mid-March this year, the customer contacted the E-Nanny sales manager and sent a list of test equipment parameters required for the project to the manager, expressing that he wanted E-Nanny to help list the test equipment needed for the test for his project .


The manager responded quickly after receiving the news, and specially arranged for Mr. Wang of the E-Nanny technical department to communicate with the customer by phone. After fully understanding the specific needs of the client company, according to the actual situation, Wang Gong immediately carried out all-round communication with the client one by one on model selection and related technologies according to the test project table provided, and formulated a plan after repeated consultations. Detailed selection plan and quotation for customer's reference.


The process of communication between the two parties was very smooth. After a period of negotiation, the customer successfully finalized the specific matters of the contract. However, due to repeated epidemics, the customer postponed the purchase until this month.


In the end, E-Nanny won the favor of customers again by virtue of its superior performance and perfect after-sales service system. Thanks to old customers for their trust and support, E-Nanny will live up to expectations and continue to provide new and old customers with better pre-sales, sales and after-sales services!


Thanks to new and old customers for their support to E-Nanny, we will always insist on making good products and services. Strength and word of mouth coexist, good equipment and service can make E-Nanny stand out in the fierce market. Every piece of E-Nanny's out-of-warehouse equipment will undergo layer-by-layer aging before delivery, and the quality will be strictly checked before being sterilized and packaged before being sent to customers. At present, the global epidemic situation is repeated, in order to ensure the supply, please book the equipment in advance!


E-Nanny includes lead-acid battery test products, lithium battery test products, etc. The product equipment has many test functions, simple and intelligent operation, wide test range, and more accurate measurement results, which can truly meet the needs of one machine with multiple functions.


As a manufacturer, E-Nanny Electric factory provides professional technical design solutions before sales, acceptance of logistics goods during sales, and finally customer technical training after sales. Every link is serious and responsible, and strives to provide customers with satisfactory equipment. Products and thoughtful and meticulous service.