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  • E-NANNY has rich experience in China

    For years, E-NANNY has become great support to the government, power utility, telecom, railway station and thus build its good reputation in China. We have confidence to service the need of global customers. Patented protective technology Every unit of E-NANNY's products are well patented. It ensures that they will always at their best performance.

  • E-NANNY claims versatility

    E-NANNY not only produces one product, but the whole line of electrical testing equipment including Hipot tester, transformer test set, gis test set, relay protection test set, cable fault location system, insulation resistance tester and so on.

  • E-NANNY continuously update its products

    Our R& D team is always committed to the development of new advanced products that are up-to-day and will enrich our products line.

  • E-NANNY's products are cost effective

    Our prices are competitive in the same line. And the excellent quality of products values the money you pay. All our products are made according to the international standards ISO 9001: 2000.

About E-NANNY Australia PTY LTD.

E-NANNY is a high-tech enterprise professionally engaged in R & D, manufacture, and marketing of power testing products, instrumentations, Battery Discharge Tester, Battery Capacity Tester, Battery Discharge Test System, power industry automation systems, which are supplied for national power companies, metallurgy petrochemicals.


Our company established in 2014, we have developed Resonance hipot tester, Non Partial-discharge tester, Power-frequency AC/DC withstand voltage tester, Intelligent control system, switching tester, Relay tester successively, which achieved qualifications and honors of "High-tech enterprise certification", "ISO9001 quality management system certification", "Electrical Measuring Testing Association of Hubei Province".

Latest News

  • how to impedance test a battery

    how to impedance test a battery

    How to impedance test a battery? The impedance test of the battery is a common battery testing method, which can help us understand the chemical reaction inside the battery, current output capability and other information. How to perform an impedance test on a battery will be described below.

  • How to test battery capacity

    How to test battery capacity

    Batteries are an essential power source in our daily life, but as the usage time increases, the battery capacity will gradually decrease. Therefore, it is very important to know how to test the battery capacity, which can help us better grasp the usage of the battery. The following will introduce several simple and easy methods of testing battery capacity.

  • Lithium Battery Tester

    Lithium Battery Tester

    Lithium Battery Tester is a device used to test parameters such as power, voltage, and current of lithium-ion batteries. It is a kind of battery charge and discharge tester, which can read the real-time power and status of the battery by connecting the positive and negative electrodes of the lithium battery, and display the data on the screen of the device.

  • How to choose the lithium battery tester correctly

    How to choose the lithium battery tester correctly

    Facing the mixed testing equipment in the market, all kinds of exaggerated publicity, and hype technical terms, from the aspects of test items, types, performance and so on. How do we correctly choose a lithium battery testing equipment that really meets the needs?

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