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Save time and money on lead acid batteries with a Deep Cycle Battery Rejuvenator. Recondition and restore batteries with E-Nanny's expert de-sulphation technology.

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Battery Rejuvenator


Order an E-Nanny Battery Rejuvenator to:

1) Extend the life of your lead acid batteries

2) Rejuvenate and recover old, used batteries

3) Restore battery performance and delay battery aging


The Battery Rejuvenation process can help ensure your Lead Acid Batteries are in top condition at all times. In fact, this invaluable equipment is sometimes called a Battery Reconditioner or Restorer.


Batteries used for a long time can easily become sulphated. Sulphation is a chemical reaction in the battery that results in sulphate deposits on the lead plates. This process happens especially to unused batteries, or when they are being stored. Once this has happened, the battery functionality declines, and de-sulphation is required.


The main causes of sulphate build up on lead acid battery cells are: 

1. batteries sitting too long between charges

2. storing batteries without charging

3. undercharging batteries 

4. low electrolyte level

5. incorrect charging levels


As a result, the crystals that are deposited on the plates increase the internal battery resistance. This causes the batteries to degrade and become less effective in charging properly or fully and in holding a charge.


An E-Nanny battery rejuvenator can help. It will restore proper functionality to the battery, extend the battery life and protect it from future sulphation.


Call 0475 680 872 to order your Battery Rejuvenator from E-Nanny today. 


E-NANNY is a high-tech enterprise professionally engaged in R & D, manufacture and marketing of power testing products. We specialise in battery equipment and instrumentation, including Battery Discharge Testers and Battery Chargers.


Differently to other battery reconditioners, the E-Nanny battery rejuvenator process uses a special, new pulse technology to de-sulphate physically.


Our rejuvenator performs all the necessary functions to de-sulphate and restore the battery ie. discharging, charging, the full discharge-charge cycle, activation and repair. The unit is especially suitable for the Telecoms Industry and tower maintenance departments, or any operation that requires daily battery maintenance.


Lead-acid batteries are commonly found in use in:





Trucks & Vans



Military Vehicles

Solar and Wind Systems


Motor homes



Electric Cars

Golf Carts/Buggies

Forklift Trucks 

Electric Bikes

Back Up Power Supplies


Mobility Vehicles

Farm Vehicles

Electric Fences

Standby Power Packs


E-Nanny supplies two models of rejuvenator:


1. ENS-3015DC Battery Rejuvenator Unit


This 30KG unit supports the repair of

1) any series combination of 3-48 2V batteries

2) 1 to 8 12V battery packs



Voltage range: 5-300V

Operating Current: 50A



2. ENS-1065DC Battery Rejuvenator Unit


This smaller, 14KG unit supports the repair of

1) any series combination of 3-24 2V batteries

2) 1 to 4 12V battery packs



Voltage range: 5-100V

Operating Current: 50A



How Do You Rejuvenate a Lead Acid Battery?


The E-Nanny Battery rejuvenator revives old batteries and extends the life of new batteries. Regular use helps keep plates and separators clean, free of sulphation, and in good working condition.


Simply attach the E-Nanny Rejuvenator unit to your series of lead acid batteries or battery packs. Only a small current is drawn, but battery life is extended. Even old, weak batteries can be revived. Unit can be left attached or used repeatedly to restore batteries as needed.


The E-Nanny Rejuvenator:

1) restores battery performance

2) rejuvenates and recovers batteries and packs

3) helps keep your batteries in top condition at all times


Removing sulphate build up on the battery plates, the E-Nanny Battery Rejuvenator

1) can be used on all types of lead acid batteries

2) simple to setup and use, fully automatic operation

3) saves time and money on lead acid batteries


Call Battery Doctor today on 0475 680 872 or Contact Us Here to order your E-Nanny Battery Rejuvenator.


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