How to perform daily maintenance on the battery


Batteries are the main components that require electric energy, such as automotive power systems and electric vehicles. If they are not maintained during daily operation, the starting performance and battery life of the vehicle or electric vehicle will often be affected. Therefore, we must carry out daily maintenance on the battery regularly, so as to make the battery last longer. You can use the ENS-0609DC Battery Charge and Discharge Tester to test the battery, so that you can better know whether there is any problem with the battery charge and discharge. So, how to carry out daily maintenance on the battery?


How to perform daily maintenance on the battery


Precautions for daily maintenance of batteries:


1. When the voltage of the battery is insufficient and the lights of the car are dim and the starting is weak, it should be charged in time.


2. Prevent the battery from overcharging or long-term power loss. Overcharging will cause the active material to fall off, and power loss will cause the plate to vulcanize. Ensure that the voltage of the regulator is not too high or too low.


3. In the process of using the battery, you should always check whether the vent hole is unblocked to prevent the battery from deforming or bursting.


4. The battery should be kept away from heat sources and open flames, and ventilation should be kept during charging and use to prevent burning and hurting people.


5. To prevent the battery from being discharged with high current for a long time, the start-up time of each use should not exceed 5 seconds, and the two consecutive start-up times should be separated by 10-15 seconds.


6. When the battery is installed, it must be fixed well to reduce vibration.


7. Always check whether the battery connection wires are firm, and all joints must be kept in good contact to prevent sparks from causing the battery to explode.


8. When driving an electric vehicle in a cold area, avoid completely discharging the battery to prevent the electrolyte from freezing.


How to perform daily maintenance on the battery


The above is "how to perform daily maintenance on the battery" for you. The maintenance of the battery can well ensure that the battery can be used for a longer period of time. Australia E-Nanny is a manufacturer specializing in the production of various battery capacity testers. Through this tool, it is possible to find out the usage of the battery, and to track, test and maintain the battery early to ensure the normal and long-term use of the battery.