How To Select The Battery Internal Resistance Tester?


The battery internal resistance tester is also called the battery internal resistance tester, the battery tester and the battery tester. The battery internal resistance tester adopts the advanced AC discharge test method. The battery internal resistance tester can accurately measure the voltage and The internal resistance is used to judge the battery capacity and technical status of the battery. We take the product "Battery Internal Resistance Tester BT3554" as an example to show you how to purchase the "Battery Internal Resistance Tester". The purchase of "battery internal resistance tester" must have the following functions:


1. It can quickly measure the voltage, internal resistance, connection resistance and other parameters of the battery online.


2. Alarm for battery internal resistance and voltage exceeding limit.


3. It has a powerful computer battery state intelligent analysis software to realize the tracking and analysis of the battery's "medical history".


4. High-precision online testing, automatic range conversion, and large-capacity data storage.


5. Color touch LCD screen, Chinese modular operation, Chinese prompts at every step. The man-machine dialogue interface is very good.


6. The meter itself must have a capacity analysis function, which can analyze the battery's superiority, goodness, and poorness.


7. Large-capacity lithium battery and adapter power supply are convenient for users.