Principle and usage of battery capacity tester


A battery capacity tester is an electronic measuring instrument that tests how much power a battery can store. Most of the batteries that need to be measured on the market are mobile phone batteries, computer batteries, dry batteries, as well as lithium batteries and accumulators. If the capacity of these batteries is not known, there may be security risks, or there may be insufficient power, excessive power, etc. However, the battery capacity tester may also have errors, so it is necessary to perform regular calibration on the battery capacity tester to ensure normal use. Therefore, we must first understand the principle and use of the battery capacity tester, so that we can better use the battery capacity tester.


Principle and usage of battery capacity tester


Principle of battery capacity tester


The intelligent battery discharge monitor is specially designed for the verification discharge experiment, capacity test, daily maintenance of the battery pack, engineering acceptance and other tests of the load capacity of the DC power supply of the battery pack. Using the latest wireless communication technology, the battery discharge process can be monitored in real time through the PC monitoring software, and the discharge process of each battery can be monitored.


The power consumption part of the intelligent battery discharge monitor adopts a new type of PTC ceramic resistor as the discharge load, which completely avoids the phenomenon of red heat, and is safe, reliable and pollution-free. The whole machine is controlled by microprocessor, with liquid crystal display and Chinese menu. The appearance design is novel, the volume is small, the weight is light, and the movement is convenient. After the setting of various discharge parameters is completed, the entire constant current discharge process is automatically completed. Fully intelligent. Make the whole discharge process safer.


The portable and intelligent professional design of the intelligent battery discharge monitor series makes the discharge test simple and easy, greatly reduces the labor intensity of professional maintenance personnel, and improves the scientific and intelligent discharge test.


How to use the battery capacity tester


1. Connect the positive and negative poles of the output line. The positive pole of the battery capacity detector and the positive pole of the battery are connected together, and the negative stage and the negative stage of the battery are connected together. After the connection is complete, you will hear a beeping alarm sound, which is the prompt sound after the battery capacity detector is powered on.


2. Now press the select button to try to discharge the current, and also press the select button to terminate the voltage. There are some other keys, the reset key can stop the beeping sound. Then the instrument will start recording the discharge time.


3. Then select the discharge current, 5A for 7-14AH, 10A for 17-24AH.


4. Then test the capacity of the battery, the test is 10.5V, and then perform deep discharge, the voltage is 3V.


5. When the discharge stops, the beeping alarm sound will also stop. Now that we've finished testing, it's time to remove the battery. To record the discharge time, the calculation formula is: battery capacity = discharge current * discharge time.


It can be seen that the battery capacity tester is an indispensable instrument in modern production and life manufacturing. The battery capacity tester is an intelligent instrument that is very convenient to use. However, the life of electronic products is limited, so it is very necessary to perform regular calibration tests. Whether it is the inspection or calibration of the battery capacity tester, it is necessary to use a specific instrument. It is best to hire a professional instrument calibrator to perform the calibration of the Battery Discharge Tester.