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Product Description

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Product Introduction of Aircraft Battery Capacity Tester


Aircraft Battery Capacity Tester has the advantage of having a large user-friendly touch screen menu and a built-in data monitoring acquisition system, complete with wireless modules for monitoring individual cell voltages. The wireless modules are easy to hook up. Each module can record the real-time voltage of up to four individual cells or multi-cell blocks. During the test, the user can view real-time data on the unit’s large 5.7" color screen or through their own laptop.


Product Benefits of Aircraft Battery Capacity Tester


1). Adopting Bluetooth wireless battery monitoring technology, available for 2V/6V/12V batteries voltage monitoring.


2). Each wireless module can monitor 4 batteries simultaneously, comparing with the traditional method that each module only can monitor 1 battery, the new wiring operation become easier because the quantity of new modules needed is only a quarter of old-fashioned modules.(only 6 new wireless modules for 48V battery groups).


3). Available for offline & online discharging test of multiple battery groups (up to 4 groups),Aircraft Battery Capacity Tester can simultaneously record the actual discharge currents of each battery groups in the test. (As accessories, extra current clamps are needed for multiple groups testing).


4). The discharge current is continuously adjustable and automatically keep stable, during the online discharging, the current displayed in LCD = the discharge current of battery group = the current created by main machine + the current of the actual load. Because during the discharging the current of the actual load probably changing according the decrease of the online voltage, Aircraft Battery Capacity Tester can automatically adjusted to keep the current stable in the whole testing.


5). Offering manual function for setting the battery number which voltages below the threshold value, this design could help you to locate more lag batteries in once constant discharging.


Product Features of Aircraft Battery Capacity Tester


1). Support to connect several Aircraft Battery Capacity Tester extension loads in parallel, Aircraft Battery Capacity Tester can connect more than one extension loads and fulfill the synchronization control in the discharging.


2). Applying the electric heating component made by aero-alloy for the power consumption section, new generation material level up the coefficient of safety and the transition rate between electricity and heat, meanwhile reduce the volume and weight.


3). Automatic calculating function for the discharging current, Aircraft Battery Capacity Tester installs the discharge current formulae for all hourrates internally, so the setting interface can tell users the suitable discharge currents without manual calculation according the marked capacities of battery groups and the testing hourrates.


4). Real scan and display the voltage data of each battery during the discharging, and display the histogram of all batteries to follow the battery voltage tracks in whole discharging process, using the different color to highlight the lowest and the highest voltage can simplified the analysis of the variety of battery voltages.


5). 5.7 inch colorful touching LCD screen, the big touching screen can fulfill the click operation on the screen easily and directly, and show all parameters and the voltage histogram in the discharging process.


6). Intelligent judge program, Aircraft Battery Capacity Tester can identify the situations that the battery voltages reach the threshold value or the signal missing by manual mistake. 


Product Parameter (Specification) of Aircraft Battery Capacity Tester


DC Output
Test Voltage 20-60V

Discharge Current



Max. power is 9kW.

Working mode

Single main machine/multiple main machine/main machine + extension loads

Protective Measurement

Input over-voltage protect: LCD prompt, beep warning

Battery electrode inversed connecting protect: LCD prompt, beep warning

Over-current protect: LCD prompt, beep warning

Overheat protect(over 85°C) : LCD prompt, beep warning


discharge current: ≤±0.5%;

group voltage≤±0.5%;

Battery voltage:≤±0.05%

PC Communication


Internal Memory

8 Mbit Flash

Working Condition

Cooling mode

Air cooling


Working: -5~50°C/ Storage: -40~70°C




Available below 4000m



Power Supply


Single-phase 3-wire 220V ac (-20%~30%), frequency:45~65Hz

DBKR-48V 150A&DBKR-48V 300A can also support power source from the testing battery group (DC 18-56V)

Withstand Voltage

Input-shell: 2000V dc  1min

Input-output: 2000V dc 1min

Output-shell: 700V dc 1min


AC Input

Standard socket, available for 1-1.5mm2 cable

DC Output (mm)


Mechanical Characters






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