Analysis on the Development Trend of Instrumentation Enterprises in my country


A few days ago, the National Bureau of Statistics released the latest data. In November 2015, China's manufacturing purchasing managers' index (PMI) was 49.6%, down 0.2% from the previous month. However, the PMIs of high-tech manufacturing and equipment manufacturing kept growing. Although the general environment is developing well, the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in instrumentation is still relatively difficult.


According to the analysis of industry insiders, the main reasons for the decline of manufacturing PMI are as follows: First, it is affected by sluggish domestic and foreign market demand and production off-season; second, the price of bulk commodities has continued to fluctuate at a low level recently; third, facing the pressure of economic downturn, corporate procurement Activity has slowed, and there is insufficient willingness to replenish inventories.


According to the data, even if the manufacturing PMI falls, as the adjustment of my country's manufacturing structure continues to advance, the PMI of high-tech manufacturing and equipment manufacturing in November were 53.1% and 51.6% respectively, continuing to maintain a growth trend. As a high-tech manufacturing industry, my country's instrumentation industry has also maintained a rising state. In an environment where the development of the manufacturing industry is not optimistic, why can instrumentation maintain a growth trend? Among them, it is inseparable from the business strategy of the company. In the first three quarters of 2015, the instrumentation companies continued to adjust the development direction and open up a broader market under the favorable policy conditions. Among them, Weiltai acquired international trade assets to realize business diversification. Weiltai holds 55% of the shares of Zijiang International Trade, and at the same time makes full use of the overseas channel advantages of Zijiang International Trade, develops overseas markets, forms the development mode of instrument manufacturing and international trade, and contributes to the development of the instrument industry. .


The "2015-2020 China Instrumentation Parts Industry Development Analysis and Investment Potential Research Report" shows that when the manufacturing industry is on the rise, the contribution of enterprises is the highest. However, there are also trends that go against the principle. Among the scale of enterprises, the PMI of small and medium-sized enterprises was 48.3% and 44.8%, down 0.4 and 1.8 percentage points from the previous month respectively. The development of enterprises is in the shrinking range, especially the small and medium-sized manufacturing industries, and the difficulties and problems in their production and operation are still prominent. For example, companies in the instrumentation industry show where the problems lie. It is understood that Nanjing Yuneng Instrument Co., Ltd. has a foresight in the market layout, but it encountered changes in interests during the acquisition, which led to difficulties in the development of Nanjing Yuneng Instrument Co., Ltd., and employees asked for wages.


The bottleneck in the development and production of small and medium-sized instrumentation enterprises has always been a common state of the market, which has been a common topic. But why has it been in this situation all the time? The reasons are many and complex, one of the main reasons is the problem of funds, the small and medium-sized instrumentation enterprises do not have the abundant funds of large enterprises, and the financing difficulties, which makes the enterprises difficult in the transformation and development. Moreover, the development of the times is changing all the time. When the previous project of SMEs has not been fully realized, new development methods have appeared in the market. Furthermore, small and medium-sized enterprises are in a state of contentment with the status quo, and the competition is not as fierce as that of large-scale enterprises, which has prompted small and medium-sized instrumentation enterprises to stay put. Even if the current policies are introduced, most of them focus on the transformation and development of small and medium-sized enterprises, but the historical problems left by small and medium-sized instrumentation enterprises have not been completely solved. Under the conditions of market development, capital, and their own, small and medium-sized instrumentation enterprises are facing difficulties in the transformation and development, but small and medium-sized instrumentation enterprises must face the difficulties and break through the siege before they can develop spring.


The great development of the industry is not only caused by some factors, but also formed by the joint efforts of various aspects. In the case of small and medium-sized enterprises struggling to develop, large enterprises need to give them a head, pull them, walk on the road together, and make efforts for the development of the industry.