How to buy a good battery discharge tester


For many power equipment buyers, the purchase of power equipment hopes to be both easy to use and cheap, that is, what is the cost-effectiveness of the multi-comparison products we often say? We must first buy things that are too cheap and things that are too expensive. Think about it, if it is too cheap, can the quality of the product be guaranteed? If it is too expensive, is the product worth the price? Anyone who buys will buy it, but for products that are not familiar to you, what aspects should you choose to judge the product from? How good is the performance? For example, if we want to buy a battery discharge tester, it is dazzling everywhere. How to buy a good battery discharge tester?


How to buy a good battery discharge tester


The following E-Nanny Electric factory details the following aspects to choose a good battery discharge tester?


First of all, we need to look at its manufacturers It is the business reputation that is guaranteed. If this reputation is not guaranteed, can it still be done in the industry for a long time? In addition, the quality of the products produced by such manufacturers will not be bad, and the general reputation will not be bad. If the product quality is not good and the reputation is not good, can such manufacturers still be in the industry for a long time? Manufacturers who have been in the industry for a long time have long-term industry experience, have a lot of relevant resources in all aspects, have contact with many cases, and have no professional skills. It is always not wrong to find such a manufacturer. You can Find a few manufacturers as long-term alternatives.


Secondly, after determining the manufacturer, you have to start to really choose the battery discharge tester. What aspects should you choose when choosing a good battery discharge tester? This is the question of many people. Next, we will mainly choose from these aspects: The first one is whether the voltage output can be combined flexibly? Ordinary voltage output can be high or low, and the test range that can be matched is relatively narrow. If the test range is not required, you can buy a lower configuration. Generally, the voltage output reaches 6 phases, which can be combined arbitrarily to achieve conventional test combinations, which are compatible with both. The traditional test method can also be used for new types of tests, and the scope of application is wider. The products purchased in this way have high utilization rate and high utilization rate. It is worth the price and the cost performance is naturally high. Then we have to look at the performance of the host. The performance of the host is related to the core of the product. Of course, it is better to use a high-performance host than a low-performance host. The high-performance host has high output waveform accuracy, low distortion, good linearity, fast operation speed, and real-time processing The ability of digital signals is also very strong. After looking at the special functions of the product, for example, it has powerful software functions, which can play back the data, and the real-time test data storage capacity is also large. There is also a battery discharge tester with a new high-fidelity linear power amplifier function, which is very helpful for data fidelity and anti-interference.


Finally, in addition to buying products, we also need to pay attention to after-sales service. Some manufacturers don’t care about selling things, and some minor problems that appear in products cannot be solved in time. This is very troublesome, because battery discharge testers are not ordinary electrical appliances. Equipment, professional personnel are needed to see the problem. If there is no such service, what is the use of cheap products, and the parameters and structure of battery discharge testers produced by each company are different, and it is not the manufacturer who really does not know how to go about it. Maintenance, it is very troublesome to deal with the follow-up problems of product use, so we must find a manufacturer with perfect after-sales service.


The above is the introduction to "how to buy a good battery discharge tester". Do you have a deeper understanding of how to choose a good battery discharge tester? After meeting all the above problems, look at the price and generally buy it There are no major problems. It can be said that such a battery discharge tester is very cost-effective.