ENS-3002DC battery discharge capacity tester: safety, energy saving, environmental protection!


The advantages and disadvantages of the two current Battery Capacity Tester technologies provide an innovative full-on-line battery discharge safety and energy saving technology, which is a useful exploration for solving the safety hazards of battery discharge testing in the industry for decades.


ENS-3002DC battery discharge capacity tester


A new technology for safe and energy-saving storage battery capacity testing


The quality of the communication backup battery is an important guarantee for the uninterrupted power supply of the communication network, and it is the last line of defense to ensure the power supply of the entire communication power supply equipment and ensure the normal operation of the communication network. According to battery characteristics and maintenance requirements, battery discharge capacity testing is essential.


With the rapid development of the communication network scale, there are relatively few professional technicians for power supply maintenance on the existing network. The current battery discharge capacity test method has potential safety hazards, complicated operation, and heavy testing workload, which makes the battery discharge test required by the maintenance regulations difficult. Without effective implementation, backward batteries cannot be warned and maintained in time, and batteries in use are often scrapped in advance, resulting in waste of resources.


Joint research on battery discharge technology has introduced innovative full-line battery discharge technology, which has comprehensively solved the safety hazards existing in the original battery discharge technology for decades.


01Analysis of current battery discharge technology


Technical analysis of off-line discharge method


(1) There is a large voltage difference between the battery pack after offline discharge and the online battery pack. If the operation is improper, it will cause the switching power supply and the online battery pack to charge the battery pack after offline discharge with a large current, resulting in huge sparks and prone to accidents. security incident. To discharge in this way, it is necessary to equip a whole group of intelligent chargers, charge and restore the offline battery pack first, and then connect it back to the system in parallel to solve the problem of sparking, which will keep the system in a single-group power supply state for a longer period of time, reducing the risk of accidents high. In addition, restore the connection by adjusting the output of the rectifier to be equal to the voltage of the discharged battery pack. The above operations must be performed with caution;


(2) When operating this discharge mode, it is necessary to separate from the positive pole of the battery pack and the negative pole of the battery pack, especially when disconnecting the negative pole of the battery pack. Improper operation will cause a short circuit of the negative pole, which will cause system power supply interruption and lead to communication accidents happened;


(3) In this method, the battery is consumed in the form of heat through a dummy load, which wastes electric energy and affects the operating environment of the equipment in the computer room. Maintenance personnel are required to guard at all times to avoid accidents caused by high temperature.


On-line evaluation discharge method analysis


(1) Adjust the rectifier output voltage to the protection low voltage value (such as 46V), so that all backup battery packs can directly discharge the actual load to the rectifier output voltage protection setting value. Since the backup power supply time of most batteries in the current network system equipment is 1 to 4 hours, and the discharge current is large, the voltage drop of the battery pack to the equipment power supply circuit and the low-voltage operating threshold of the equipment should be considered, as well as to ensure the safety of the system power supply, and the online evaluation discharge should be adjusted The output voltage of the rectifier is not allowed to be too low (such as 46V), the depth of discharge is limited, it is difficult to grasp the discharge time of the actual load, it is difficult to accurately evaluate the battery capacity, and there are uncertain factors in the battery performance test, so it is very important to maintain the activity of the battery pack. The purpose of discharge test is difficult to achieve the expected working effect of maintenance;


(2) If the two sets of batteries have quality problems such as loss of capacity, undercapacity, or backwardness, it is difficult for maintenance personnel to find out in time when they are discharged to the output protection value of the rectifier. risk. In this case, this discharge method is less secure than the offline discharge method;


To sum up, under the requirement that the battery in the central computer room must be regularly tested for capacity, the current two capacity test methods have their own characteristics and disadvantages. Although the offline discharge method can achieve the purpose of battery capacity test, the workload is too large , the system security is low, and although the workload of the online evaluation discharge method is relatively small, the system security is low, and the purpose of battery capacity testing cannot be achieved, and the potential safety hazard is large. Therefore, the current battery capacity test method must be reformed, and a new and scientific capacity test technology - full online discharge technology will be introduced now, so that the battery discharge capacity test can achieve the expected maintenance quality detection effect, and the battery discharge maintenance operation is simple and safe , Improve the efficiency of maintenance and easy to be effectively implemented.


02Analysis of full online discharge technology


Full online discharge technology means that the battery pack under test increases the online power supply voltage by connecting the full online discharge test equipment of the battery pack in series, and controls the output with automatic steady current or constant power, so that the battery pack under test can supply power to the online load equipment, realizing the power supply of the battery pack under test. Group E-Nanny current discharge test or constant power discharge test to achieve the effect of safety and energy saving maintenance.


Analysis of full online discharge principle


The full-online discharge equipment of the battery pack connected in series at the positive pole of the tested battery pack makes the voltage of the branch circuit where the tested battery pack is located slightly higher than the output of the rectifier or the voltage of another battery pack, so that the battery pack can discharge the actual load , during the discharge process, the voltage of the battery pack under test changes (gradually decreases) with the change (prolongation) of the discharge time, and the automatic voltage compensation adjustment is performed through the full-line discharge equipment to ensure that the battery pack under test always maintains a constant current or constant When the discharge end voltage, capacity, time and cell voltage of the battery pack reach the discharge threshold value set by us, the discharge test is completed. Realize the purpose of the online discharge test of the battery pack and the expected maintenance effect.


After the online discharge is over, the online charging is automatically completed to restore the equipotential connection


After the discharge test of the tested battery pack is completed, the full-line discharge equipment of the battery pack automatically enters the charging program, guides the rectification output of the online switching power supply, and the charging and equipotential control protection circuit of the full-line discharge test equipment automatically charges the battery pack under test. Carry out current-limited charging, and automatically complete online equipotential connection. According to the operation requirements prompted by the full-line discharge test equipment system, after the normal connection of the system is restored, the full-line discharge test equipment will exit the service, and the full-line discharge and charge recovery of the battery pack will be completed. The whole process of normal connection. Another group of batteries was tested for online discharge capacity in the same way.


Online discharge "seamless connection" technology


The seamless connection operation of the battery pack online discharge test, the connection of "device" should follow the "connect three first, then remove one", that is, connect the power lines L1, L2, L3 first, and then remove the original power connection line L5; "equipment" After completing the test and exiting the service, the principle of "connect one first, then remove three" should be followed, that is, connect the original power connection line L5 first, and then remove the power lines L1, L2, and L3.


ENS-3002DC battery discharge instrument


E-Nanny's ENS-3002DC battery discharge tester is used to quickly solve the battery pack checking discharge test, capacity test, and daily maintenance of the battery pack. The instrument can monitor the battery voltage, discharge current, discharge time, discharge capacity and other parameters during the discharge process in real time; it is suitable for the activation discharge of various batteries, the discharge of the initial charge of the battery, the maintenance discharge of the battery, and it can also check the storage capacity of the battery. Electrical performance and load capacity, etc.; with the advantages of easy operation and safe discharge, it is an ideal choice for battery test operation and maintenance in communication base stations, substations, rail transit, hydropower stations, and UPS computer rooms.