Power Battery Discharge Tester


The power battery discharge tester is designed for the capacity test and maintenance of 220V battery packs of various power plant operating power sources. It is a safe, portable and intelligent DC discharge load. The power battery discharge tester can solve the problems that occur when the battery is charged and discharged.


Power Battery Discharge Tester


The power battery discharge tester can also be connected to the battery pack online capacity monitoring unit (BCSU). When the battery pack is discharged, when the terminal voltage of any single cell reaches the set cut-off voltage value, the BCSU will notify the BDCT to stop. Discharge to avoid any battery over-discharge, causing damage to the battery.


Although this test method is similar to the traditional test method, it does not need to manually adjust the load current and record, and can easily obtain the required data and various analysis curves. At the same time, the intelligent load is small in size, light in weight, and easy to handle. The special high-efficiency electric heating element does not produce red heat, does not increase the ambient temperature, and has various protection functions to facilitate long-term unattended discharge and automatic test records, especially suitable for battery acceptance and verification It is used in discharge test and regular deep discharge occasions.


The power battery discharge tester can help many power workers to conduct various power tests more conveniently, which can achieve multiplier effect with half the effort.