Outstanding application of battery charge and discharge tester


The battery charge and discharge tester is a test equipment that integrates constant current discharge and intelligent charge and discharge cycles. For periodic inspection of battery packs and regenerative activation of outdated batteries. Used in telecommunications, base stations, electric power and other fields. The battery discharge tester uses a unique online capacity analysis technology to help users quickly find outdated cells. The work that used to take ten hours to complete only takes ten minutes, which greatly reduces the maintenance workload and improves the battery maintenance work. safety. BCSE will help you maintain test batteries with ease.



Outstanding application of battery charge and discharge tester


1. Engineering acceptance of newly introduced batteries.


2. Daily maintenance test of battery. Carry out regular check discharge test and deep discharge test on batteries that have been put into use according to maintenance procedures.


3. Accurately measure the capacity of the battery pack by 100% discharge.


4. Replace the traditional manual inaccurate and unsafe testing methods to ensure the safety of batteries, communication rooms and staff.


Due to the complete computer management, analysis and monitoring software, the battery charge and discharge tester has powerful data processing functions. It uses advanced mathematical models to comprehensively analyze the battery's multiple measurement results, accurately judge the battery performance, and query the real-time operation of the battery. Status and historical data, including various parameters, curves and automatic report generation. Therefore, the battery charge and discharge tester is widely used in electric power maintenance and battery fault treatment.