Principle of battery capacity tester


The battery capacity tester is a high-tech product with complete functions and intelligence; it applies advanced embedded microprocessor technology and adopts LCD liquid crystal display screen. So, what is the principle of the battery capacity tester?


battery capacity tester


Principle of battery capacity tester


The battery capacity tester actually discharges the battery pack through the built-in electronic load. During the discharge process, the tester automatically scans the total voltage, discharge current and temperature of the battery in real time. When the actual discharge current value deviates from the preset discharge current value, the tester can close-loop control the discharge current to maintain constant current discharge. The tester calculates and accumulates in real time according to the capacity calculation formula "Pankert formula" according to the preset parameters, taking into account the discharge rate and other factors, and detects the actual discharged power of the battery.


During the discharge test of the tester, if the voltage of the battery pack drops to the preset alarm voltage value, the tester will alarm and prompt you to check the voltage of the single battery. At this time, the single battery whose voltage value is lower than 85% of the rated standard value (or the self-defined standard value) is an unqualified battery (the Ministry of Information Industry stipulates that the battery pack whose actual capacity value is lower than 80% must be stopped), within 15 minutes The tester will automatically shut down without any operation.


The battery capacity test calculation factor needs to convert the capacity at various temperature changes into the capacity at 25 ℃, in order to accurately indicate its actual capacity. At the same time, the actual discharge current (a), the actual discharge time (h), and the 10h discharge time in the calculation formula are all real-time detection values.


Discharge constant: i discharge/i10>2.5, set to 1.414;


i put/i10<2.5, set to 1.313;


The battery capacity tester performs constant current discharge on the connected battery pack, and calculates the discharge capacity in real time according to the ambient temperature, discharge time and the entered nominal capacity of the battery. After 1 minute, it will be stored in the included ic card. After the test is completed, the final parameters (discharge time, discharge capacity, etc.) will be locked by the graphic LCD, and the ic card will be exited and saved.


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