What is the battery capacity tester?


The battery capacity tester is a high-tech product with complete functions and intelligence; it adopts advanced embedded microprocessor technology, and adopts LCD liquid crystal display screen with full Chinese display interface to monitor the battery voltage and discharge current in real time during the discharge process.  Discharge time, discharge capacity and other parameters; suitable for activation and discharge of various batteries, discharge during initial charging of batteries, maintenance and discharge of batteries, and can also test battery storage performance and load capacity, etc. It is easy to operate and safe to discharge. Etc.


What is the battery capacity tester?


The main function:


1. Discharge in high-power resistors, no pollution to the power grid;


2. Using constant current discharge technology, the current remains constant throughout the discharge process;


3. It has the functions of automatic detection, delayed start, soft start and soft shutdown;


4. It has fault protection and alarm functions such as open circuit, reverse connection, overload and overheating;


5. It has the function of controlling the discharge termination point at the same time with multiple parameters of voltage, time and capacity to ensure discharge safety;


6. With automatic shifting function: For users with a wide range of discharge voltage, the device has multi-speed output, and can automatically realize the shifting function according to the voltage of the battery connected to the user, without the need for personnel to operate.


7. The LCD screen displays the discharge parameters and fault information in real time.


8. High-brightness LED indicates the operating status and fault alarm of the equipment;


9. For the parameters set by the user, the system can remember it for a long time, and it will not be lost when the power is turned off. After the discharge parameters are set for the first time, if the same battery is discharged later, there is no need to reset it;


10. The user can set or modify all parameters online during the discharge process.


The battery capacity detector can be used to test the battery in the early stage, which can better ensure the stability and safety performance of the battery.