The battery discharge tester can ensure the safe and stable operation of the DC system


The battery discharge tester lays a solid foundation for the safe and stable operation of the DC system.


battery discharge tester


Recently, the second electrical shift of the Equipment Maintenance Department has organized personnel to conduct a centralized charge and discharge test for the 110V and 220V battery packs under the jurisdiction of Unit 3, to further improve the safety and reliability of the DC system operation of the unit. picture


The DC system provides reliable and independent operating power for the relay protection, control system, and emergency lighting of the unit. In the case of AC power failure, the DC system can ensure uninterrupted power supply and is the last line of defense for safe production. The battery pack needs to be regularly checked for charge and discharge tests to master the capacity and performance of the single battery and the entire battery, so as to detect and deal with aging batteries in time.


Since the discharge of the battery pack generally adopts constant current discharge, the discharge time of a group of batteries needs to last 8-10 hours. For this reason, the electrical secondary team has strictly formulated the test plan based on the previous unit maintenance work experience before work, and assigned experienced test personnel to carry out this check charge and discharge work. During the process, the testers worked tirelessly to monitor the discharge process in real time, pay close attention to the voltage and capacity changes of a single cell, and record various data meticulously.


According to the test results, the team will coordinate with the factory's labor agency according to the plan, and carry out cell replenishment maintenance and other work for the battery packs that have capacity losses and do not meet the operating requirements.


At present, the secondary electrical shift has completed the check charge and discharge of 110V and 220V batteries. This battery check charge and discharge test is carried out in strict accordance with relevant regulations and standardized and standardized operations, which not only guarantees the service life of the battery, but also strengthens the operation of the battery pack. reliability, laying a solid foundation for the safe and stable operation of the DC system.