Changsha Telecom Building Sudden Fire


Changsha Telecom Building Sudden Fire


On the afternoon of September 16, a fire broke out in the China Telecom building in the urban area of ​​Changsha, Hunan Province. Thick smoke billowed from the scene, and dozens of floors burned violently. Fire rescue personnel rushed to the scene and quickly brought the fire under control, and the open fire in the building has now been put out.


Some netizens broke the news that the scene was very scary! It's like a disaster movie!


Fire rescue personnel rushed to the scene and quickly brought the fire under control, and the open fire in the building has now been put out. Judging from the pictures, the fire was really terrifying, almost burning directly from the base of the building to the roof. According to preliminary reports, the fire started outside, but it didn't burn into the building. Fortunately, it was unfortunate.


The telecommunications building was built in 2000 and is located in the East Second Ring Road of Changsha City. It was the first building in Changsha to exceed 200 meters with a height of 218 meters. The specific fire casualties are being further understood.


According to the release of the new Hunan video, some witnesses said they heard an explosion in the building.


At the beginning, the Changsha Telecom Building caught fire in a corner, but it quickly spread upwards, and finally thick smoke billowed, and the whole building was surrounded and swallowed by the fire.


How did this fire spread through the outer walls to the floors above?


We do not know this at present. Hunan Telecom responded that the specific cause of the fire is under investigation, and no casualties have been found so far. The follow-up will be announced as soon as possible.


The exterior wall quickly burned terribly, and even more terrifying was the internal combustion!


Because it is a telecommunications building, the power system of the UPS data center is intricate, and the battery pack is used as its backup power supply system. Once it burns, it may promote the rapid expansion of the fire, or cause a larger-scale fire. The speed of the deflagration after the fire can even make people too late to react.


This is very scary!


UPS operation and maintenance in the computer room is no trivial matter


Due to factors such as imperfect design of the equipment room, electrical cable failure, fire caused by static electricity, lightning strikes, failure of UPS and air conditioners in the equipment room, the use or existence of combustible materials in the equipment room, and the weak awareness of firefighting, fire in the equipment room has become a frequent and high risk. ACCIDENT.


The occurrence of a fire accident in the computer room is extremely costly to enterprises and data center manufacturers. UPS is the equipment that is most prone to fire in the computer room. In the daily maintenance of the computer room, we must pay attention to the maintenance and correct use of the UPS.


The stable operation of the large computer room means the huge power supply guarantee facilities behind it, and the huge amount of maintenance work that follows. As an important component of the uninterruptible power supply in the computer room, the battery pack plays an extremely important role in the safe and stable operation of communications and data centers.


E-Nanny focuses on the research and development of battery test and maintenance technology and the formulation of solutions. The new operation and maintenance method with many advantages such as ultra-low power consumption, high stability, high accuracy, easy installation and easy maintenance is the remoteization of the backup power supply structure for large computer rooms. , The new centralized and intelligent maintenance system has successfully served hundreds of data rooms and over 10,000 battery packs across the country.


For the maintenance of the UPS room, it is necessary to monitor and control the float voltage and temperature of the battery pack, monitor the internal resistance of the battery, timely and accurately detect the deteriorated battery and take necessary measures, regularly check the discharge, and activate the backward battery.


The Battery Pack Discharge Test System can monitor all the operating parameters and performance parameters of the battery online, fully understand the performance status of the battery, find outdated single cells in time, eliminate potential safety hazards, and ensure the uninterrupted operation of the system.


 Battery Pack Discharge Test System


Online monitoring of various operating and performance parameters of the battery. 24-hour uninterrupted online performance monitoring, timely and accurate detection of backward single batteries, elimination of potential safety hazards, combined with anti-interference technology and internal resistance testing technology, to ensure the accuracy of test results and alarm accuracy, through the trend of changes in battery key performance parameters Monitoring, can predict the battery that is about to fail in advance.