The transaction comes from recognition, the battery discharger ordered by the American customer has been shipped!


Throughout August, E-Nanny's enthusiastic and orderly working atmosphere made this month even more exciting. Recently, good news came from the marketing department that E-Nanny has reached a cooperation with an American company!


the battery discharger ordered by the American customer has been shipped


The client company is a local electric power company. At present, the two parties have signed an equipment procurement contract. The equipment purchased by the customer this time includes: ENS-1065DC battery charge and discharge tester, E-Nanny's ENS-3002DC battery discharge tester.


The initial contact between E-Nanny and the client company was in the first two years. The client company has been inquiring about lead-acid battery testing equipment, but due to other reasons, there has been no chance to cooperate. In May 2022, the American customer power company contacted E-Nanny again for a quotation, saying that it needed to purchase a batch of equipment for new overseas projects.


The manager of E-Nanny provided relevant quotations according to the customer's requirements, and gave relevant suggestions according to the situation of the test project. The battery discharge tester and the charge-discharge tester have been approved by customers.


Afterwards, E-Nanny technicians and the person in charge of the customer side conducted a detailed and detailed discussion on all the pre-purchased equipment one by one, determined the specifications of the equipment, and successfully entered the inquiry and price comparison link. The professional and patient explanation of E-Nanny technicians was also appreciated by the person in charge.


After that, the client company visited many related manufacturers one after another for more than a week. After repeated inquiries and price comparisons, and comprehensive comparisons, they finally decided to purchase this batch of equipment from E-Nanny. Since the establishment of Australia E-Nanny Electric Co., Ltd., it has served users from all walks of life, established a deep relationship with users, and accumulated a group of excellent partners. We sincerely thank our users for their trust, support and companionship. In the future, E-Nanny will always insist on providing customers with high-quality products and good services, and contribute to the testing of power systems in various industries.


Thanks to new and old customers for their support to E-Nanny, we will always insist on making good equipment and services. Strength and word-of-mouth coexist, good equipment and after-sales can make E-Nanny stand out in the fierce market. Every piece of equipment sent out by E-Nanny has been debugged in advance, and will only be sent to customers after being sterilized and packaged. At present, the global epidemic situation is repeated, in order to ensure the supply, please book the equipment in advance!


E-Nanny includes lead-acid battery test products, lithium battery test products, etc. The product equipment has many test functions, simple and intelligent operation, wide test range, and more accurate measurement results, which can truly meet the needs of one machine with multiple functions. As a manufacturer, E-Nanny Electric factory provides professional technical design solutions before sales, acceptance of logistics goods during sales, and finally customer technical training after sales. Every link is serious and responsible, and strives to provide customers with satisfactory equipment. Products and thoughtful and meticulous service.


ENS-1065DC battery charge and discharge tester discharge + charge + activation cycle


ENS-1065DC intelligent battery charge and discharge integrated machine integrates battery constant current discharge, intelligent charging and activation. One machine with multiple functions can reduce the cost of the enterprise and the labor intensity of maintenance personnel. It is used for regular battery pack detection and regeneration and activation of outdated batteries, and provides scientific detection methods for battery and UPS power supply maintenance. Used in telecommunications, base stations, electric power and other departments. Perform deep discharge and then charge as needed to keep the battery pack in a satisfactory state at any time and prolong the battery life. It is a good assistant for battery maintenance.