What instruments are needed for battery testing?


The so-called battery is an electrochemical device that stores chemical energy and releases electrical energy when necessary.


A battery is a device that directly converts chemical energy into electrical energy. It is a rechargeable battery designed to be recharged through a reversible chemical reaction. It usually refers to a lead-acid battery, which is a type of battery and belongs to secondary batteries. Battery. Its working principle: use external electric energy to regenerate the internal active material during charging, store the electric energy as chemical energy, and convert the chemical energy into electric energy output again when it needs to be discharged, such as mobile phone batteries commonly used in life.


What instruments are needed for battery testing?


The test of the battery is mainly to check some basic characteristics in the process of charging and discharging. So what are the instruments for testing batteries?


According to the discharge fault of the battery, the internal resistance, charge and discharge, discharge monitoring, activation and characteristics of the battery can be fully tested. The specific instruments are: battery internal resistance tester, battery charge and discharge comprehensive tester, intelligent portable charger, battery Discharge monitor, battery discharge tester, battery activation tester, charger characteristic tester, battery capacity tester.


The ENS-8006DC Battery Charge and Discharge Tester developed by E-Nanny Electric factory integrates battery constant current discharge, cell monitoring, rapid capacity analysis, and intelligent charging. One machine is multi-purpose, reducing the cost of enterprises, reducing the labor intensity of maintenance personnel, and providing comprehensive and scientific testing methods for battery and UPS power maintenance. Used in telecommunications, base stations, electric power and other departments. Deep discharge as needed, and then recharge, keep the battery pack in a satisfactory state at any time and prolong battery life, which is a great assistant for battery maintenance.


ENS-8006DC Battery Charge and Discharge Tester charge and discharge test system introduction: Online load solves the traditional offline discharge safety problem, and realizes online discharge, offline discharge, charging function, activation function, and monitoring function in one!


The online charging and discharging load of the battery pack is connected to the battery pack under test through "online series connection". The battery pack under test performs constant current discharge through the built-in dummy load of XG while maintaining the real-time online connection state with the power supply system, which solves the problem of traditional offline How to ensure the safety of the power system during discharge. After the discharge, the intelligent battery charge and discharge tester can automatically transfer to the online charging and recovery of the battery under test, which also solves the difficulty of charging recovery after the traditional offline discharge. It is suitable for online discharge, charging and maintenance of backup battery packs of communication base stations, power substations, power plants, and large industrial and mining enterprises!